Londra – 3D/2N

You will enjoy:

  • 3 days and 2 nights in the Amazon jungle
  • Introduction to the Amazonian rainforests flora and fauna
  • Enjoy traditionally prepared fresh food
  • Listen to a evening symphony brought to you by countless numbers of birds, insects and amphibians
  • Cultural night with local music and dancing

Day 1 Rurrenabaque – Madidi National Park

08:00 Boat trip to Madidi National Park (4-5 hrs) up the rivers Beni and Tuichi. The rivers find their paths among the forested Andean foothills, revealing a sight of rare beauty. The boat trip offers a first opportunity to spot the primary rainforests flora and fauna along the rivers shores and banks.
09:30 Visit to the Caquia huara cliffs (20-30 min.), nesting area of at least 6 species of parrots, including Macaws. This activity is conditioned by the seasonal presence of these birds. The journey continues up to ‘Corazón del Madidi’ Ecolodge.
12:30 Arrival at ‘Corazón del Madidi’ Ecolodge followed by a tour of the accommodation. Lunch will be served at the ecolodges restaurant. After lunch there’s an opportunity to have a rest.
15:00 Afternoon walk along the Ahuada trail through an area in which it is common to see monkeys, terrestrial mammals (for example tapir, deer, peccaries), toucans, parrots, macaws and many other species of birds. Visit the ‘salitral’, an area where herbivores and frugivores gather to take minerals from the salt enriched clay soil.
19:30 Dinner at the ecolodge.
20:30 After dinner, we offer several activities. Take a short night walk along one of our trails and enjoy the symphony of countless numbers of insects, amphibians and parrots. For those interested in the history of Madidi National Park and the indigenous community of San José de Uchupiamonas, sit down with one of our guides and enjoy an interesting presentation.

Day 2 Madidi National Park

07:30 The day starts with breakfast at the ecolodge.
08:00 Walk along the Tuichi trail. During this activity, the guide will show different forest ecosystems and explain their functioning, combining ancient knowledge with scientific research. This morning there will be plenty of opportunities for wildlife observation and explanation about medicinal plants. The itinerary includes a visit to the ‘cullpana’ (clay wall), a meeting point for some species of parrots and other fruit-eating animals, attracted by minerals within the clay.
12:30 Return to the ecolodge, lunch at the restaurant and afternoon rest.
15:00 Walk along the Ocelot trail. This path will lead us to the river Eslabon where we will start a tour along the river bank to discover and learn about tracks left by the animals (mainly mammals) and observe birds.
19:30 Traditional dinner at the restaurant of ‘Corazón del Madidi’ Ecolodge.
20:30 After dinner, take a short walk, relax or listen to a presentation on the history of Madidi and the indigenous community of San José de Uchupiamonas.
21:30 Cultural activity with local music and dancing.

Day 3 Madidi National Park – Rurrenabaque

07:30 Breakfast in the restaurant of ‘Corazón del Madidi’ Ecolodge.
08:00 Walk along Kacatara trail. Activities: interpretation of the forest and medicinal plants. This trail allows to distinguish the level of emerging “giants” trees of the Amazon rainforest. This trail too offers the possibility of wildlife sightings.
13:00 Lunch at the ecolodge.
14:00 (optional) ‘Arts and crafts’ or swimming in one of river Eslabóns natural pools.
15:30 Return to Rurrenabaque during a two hour boat trip. This is the last opportunity to observe the flora and fauna alongside the river.
17:30 Arrival at Rurrenabaque.