Our Brand

OUR HEARTS ARE IN MADIDI – The generation of guardians of nature 

MADIDI IMAGE BACKGROUND The lung of the Bolivian Amazon. The mother (Pacha Mama) who gives life to many indigenous and demonstrating the purity of flora and fauna.

HARPY EAGLE our flagship bird demonstrates the presence of a healthy environment , rich in biodiversity.

MADIDI HEART ensuring future generations, taking visitors to the heart of a world hundreds of years old, embedded in our cultures. A world that we preserve as precious.

RIVERS are arteries through which the Amazonian world cultures moves, and spreads the incredible diversity of the Amazon. In its waters are home to thousands of lives.

PALM LEAF shows the great diversity of flora.

The typeface used in the logo represent the warmth that reflects innovation and personalized service to our valued visitors.

The color varied cultural diversity represents the Amazon.  


earth  The Amazon rainforest is the cradle where we were born and raised. Through responsible tourism activity we seek to improve the lives of our families who are primarily indigenous. We embrace the conservation and protection of biodiversity which exists in our native communal territory (Uchupiamonas TCO) and the Madidi National Park, Bolivia .

lamp   Ecotourism – Entrepreneurship – Community

Our location is in the precious the Madidi National Park. We are renowned for personalized service which is professional, attentive and high quality for both local and international tourists seeking the most special experience. We are the flora and fauna scientific research center in the Heart of Madidi.

yinyang   In everything we do we….

  • Mitigate environmental impact.
  • Protect natural resources , biodiversity and landscape .
  • Preserving the sources of water as fresh water reservoir.
  • Create opportunities for CBE and benefit of the local population.
  • Promote scientific research through agreements with universities and related institutions.
Your Guides

At Corazón del Madidi Ecolodge we provide bilingual indigenous guides, all from the community of San José de Uchupiamonas. Our guides are professionally trained in environmental education, natural interpretation of the forest, ecological processes and natural history. They maintain their ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants and hardwood trees, animal behavior, myths and beliefs about the plants and animals. Our local guides interpret the forest from their traditional knowledge and incorporate scientific knowledge into their descriptions and explanations. Our guides are specialists in plants, birds and insects and have a combined experience of over xxx years.

Rigoberto Pariamo Apana


Roberto Justiniano Isita


Yhovani Valdez Cuqui


Sergio Apana Hinojosa


 Ivan Aliaga Macuapa


Radamir Sevillanos


Yadmani Terrazas Mamani


Antonio Apana Hinojosa


Andres Hinojosa